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25 Things To Do In Sri Lanka

25 Things to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful Island that carries a lot of historical and cultural significance. Its beauty, culture and history provide its beholder with plenty of activities to do while visiting the country for a vacation. Here are some of the things to do in Sri Lanka mentioned below:  

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Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, situated in the heart of Indian Ocean, is an Island with a tropical climate. Most of the time it is filled with sunshine and warm breeze. The costal and lowland areas of the Island has a constant temperature of around 26-30 degree Celsius and towards the Central Province, where the altitu...

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20 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka

20 Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an island situated in the middle of Indian Ocean is well known for its beaches. This beautiful Island offers a tropical climate where you can enjoy sunshine and warm weather all year around. The warm blue waters, surrounded by sandy shores and fresh greenery of coconut and palm trees is a...

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